Many potential home sellers have been worried about the uncertainties in the housing market in the face of the upcoming presidential election.

A lot of them want to wait until the election is over to sell, but that would be a mistake. It’s a great time to sell right now because of all the advantages in the marketplace. Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t wait until after the election to sell:

  1. It doesn’t matter who the next president is. What I mean by this is that the world will continue to spin and people will continue to buy and sell real estate regardless of who is elected to office.

  2. Real estate will still be one of the best ways to build wealth. Again, this is true no matter who wins the election. Real estate is always going to be one of the wisest investments to make. “No matter who wins, the world will keep turning.”
  3. Inventory will continue to constrict because of uncertainty. Most people will decide to take their homes off the market until after the election. This will help you stand out more if you list your home right now. There is a higher concentration of serious buyers in the market who will see your home.

  4. Serious buyers want to move before the holidays. A lot of buyers in the market right now have been looking for months. Many weren’t able to get a home in the highly competitive market this spring and summer, so they have a sense of urgency in wanting to get a deal done.

  5. Many relocation buyers are looking now. Most corporate relocations take place at the beginning of the year. The families that are being relocated are looking for homes right now and checking out the areas that they want to live in. This is another pool of buyers that will see your home stand out.

  6. Interest rates are at historic lows. You’re probably sick of hearing it at this point, but it’s still true. Interest rates can only go up now, and we want you to be able to capture the buyers that are out there right now.

If you have any questions for us or are interested in buying or selling a home, we would love to hear from you. It’s a good time to make a move right now.