We’re very excited to talk about a special home that has just been listed on the market. The home is located at 9321 Marble Falls in the Southwind subdivision in the southernmost part of Arlington. At 2,230 sq. ft. with four bedrooms, granite counters, and wood floors, this home has just been put on the market for $240,000. The home’s owner, Carol, is here today to discuss her home, why she’s selling, and why she will be sad to leave it.

Carol is actually the original owner of the home, and had it built on-site just over nine years ago. The most important part of the build, to her, was making sure there was plenty of room for family and friends to feel welcome and invited. The open floor plan has helped her achieve this and as recently as two weeks ago, Carol was able to seat 40 people for dinner.

“Southwind is a friendly and quiet community.”

The master bedroom in the home is large enough to have its own living room, and Carol has even been able to do workout programs like P90x in it without running out of space. The dining room comfortably holds 10 seats, with another eight spots in the kitchen, and four more at the bar.

The community of Southwind is very unique. All the schools in the area are within a 5-10 minute drive, and Carol describes the community as “very friendly and very quiet.” This is never more evident than when looking at the backyard. This home’s backyard opens up to a green space with hiking and running trails, with a creek bed on the opposite side.

Although Carol is selling because she is semi-retired and choosing to move out to her lake house, she’s sad to see this home go. She’s been very happy with her energy bills at this home, mostly because she had the builder put a radiant barrier on it.

We really appreciate Carol taking time out of her day to join us and talk about her beautiful home. If you have any questions for us or if you’d like to see the home in person, give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you!