Real estate is a fantastic way to build wealth. People have been doing it forever, and real estate investments are actually some of the best long-term investments that you can make.

One of the first steps you need to take is to own the home you live in. Once you pay off your mortgage, you’ll be in great position to invest in another property. Interest rates are incredibly low right now, so this would be a very good time to invest in a home.

If you’re worried about being in debt because of a new home purchase, I wouldn’t think about it too much. Mortgage debt is the only good debt that you can have. Homes do appreciate, so you can bank on that if you’re worried about stepping too deep into mortgage debt. “Real Estate is the best long-term investment you can make.” Equity can be built pretty quickly after you have purchased a home. It can take five or maybe six years, but after this you can ride a nice wave of appreciation.

If you don’t own a home, I would contact a lender and forge out a path for home-ownership. It’s an incredible way to stabilize your family’s financial future.

My partner, Trever Kerr, is an excellent lender in the area. You can call him at (972) 822-7408. He is extremely consultative, and he can show you exactly what you need to do in order to purchase a home.

If you own a home right now, I invite you to give me a call to talk about investing in more real estate. Interest rates are low right now, so waiting to buy will cut into your purchasing power significantly.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me in regard to Mansfield real estate. I look forward to speaking with you!