There comes a point in time when people need to move into bigger, better homes. Whether it’s because of a growing family or simply a wish to invest in a better property, people do this all of the time.

Usually move up buyers have to find a home to move into before they can sell, and vice versa, so sometimes the transactions can get dicey. However, I have a lot of experience helping move up buyers, and there are a few things that can be done to have a seamless transaction.

My advice to you right now is to focus on the purchase because inventory is low right now, so selling your home will be the easy part. “Focus on finding a home before selling.” In a normal market, you could use contingencies to sell your home, but right now, because of the low inventory, this may not work.

Another option is to build a new home, so then you can have a slow move in and have plenty of time to sell your home.

If you’re interested in moving up, please contact me and ask about my move up discount. I’d love to help you out!