Lately, I’ve found myself explaining real estate inventory levels to many people. Our market is crazy right now, and it seems like there are 10 buyers for each house on the market. Guess what? That’s because there is! Right now, there is a supply and demand problem that primarily affects buyers. Essentially, that problem exists because we have not been fulfilling our industry inventory levels since 2008.

Before 2008, builders were putting up new homes constantly. Whenever you walked down a street, it seemed like there was a new subdivision. Builders were also putting up spec homes so that people who were unwilling to wait the six to eight months still had inventory to look at. For most of those buyers, the financing has not come around for them to do that anymore. Plus, many builders are still a little gun-shy, as they were stuck with extra inventory back in 2008.

On top of all of that, we have an entire generation of millennials entering the market and looking for starter homes. Our inventory just started approaching industry levels this year, and I don’t think the supply and demand issue will be neutral for another three to five years. “Here in the South, we’re supplying 30% more than demand.” It’s different all across the country. In the Northeast, they still aren’t building enough for demand. The West is barely getting there. Here in the South, we’re doing better than anybody else. We’re supplying about 30% more than demand. However, we still have a lot of catching up to do, and while we’re catching up, more and more buyers are coming onto the market.

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