The latest numbers are in for the Mansfield real estate market, so we wanted to share them with you. We’ll compare them to the figures we saw at this time last year to show how the market has changed in the past year.

The median house price in Mansfield has remained the same since June 2015 at $247,500. When we look at homes that were listed on the market, 25% of homes were listed under $200,000, 72% of homes were listed between $200,000 and $500,000. The rest of them were over $500,000. “Demand is strong in our market.” Active listings in Mansfield are down 12.3% from last year, which doesn’t help our inventory problem. Despite that, the number of homes sold is up 21.7% over last year, which shows strong demand in our market. DEMAND IS STRONG IN OUR MARKET. Our average days on market are 26 days, six days fewer than last year. We have only 1.8 months of inventory, down from 2.3 months last year.

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