If you have been thinking about trading up to your dream home, now is an excellent time. 

Builders have been focusing on new high-level homes, and investors have been turning mid-level, lower cost homes into rentals, causing the number of available mid-level, low priced homes to decline 40% in the last four years. 

This has caused a shortage of mid-level, low cost homes

The shortage is fantastic news for you as a seller. It means you will be able to sell your home more quickly. This summer, the typical home stayed on the market for just 17 days, and 64% of homes sold in less than a month. It also means you can sell your home for more in the current market. Prices are higher now than a year ago, and many sellers are getting more than the asking price. 

“You could get above asking price for your home.”

Because the shortage of homes doesn’t apply to high level dream homes, you have a fantastic chance to sell your home above asking price and buy your new dream home for a steal

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